Are you a Children First Medical Group, Inc. (CFMG) member?

Contact your Health Plans Member Service Department to:


  • Select a Primary Care Provider (PCP) 

  • Request a Membership Card 

  • Request Transportation Assistance 

  • Request Interpreter Services 

  • Ask about a Bill 

  • File a Grievance 

  • Discuss Vision Plans 

Medi-Cal managed care interpreter services are provided at no cost to eligible members.

Medi-Cal Managed Health Plans 

Alameda Alliance for Health 

Visit their website:

Member Services Department: 510-747-4567

Alliance Interpreter vendor, International Effectiveness Centers (IEC), 866-948-4149

Anthem Blue Cross

Visit their website:

Member Services Department: 800-407-4627

After-hours, call MedCall 800-224-0336

If you are uninsured and would like to apply for Medi-Cal

Please visit: for directions on how to: 

  • Apply by Mail 

  • Apply in Person 

  • Apply Online 

For more information on CalWIN (an online system that will provide customers with the option of applying for CalWORKS, CalFResh, and Medi-cal